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Telling is Selling.
But a professional sales person knows they are supposed to spend no more than 30% of their time talking.

We can save you and your prospects precious time!
Let us tell your story. We can revolutionize the way you sell - and help you grow business.
This is our film about ourselves. You can have one like this to tell your customers about you. If you don't think you can afford it you are thinking too much.

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Get the biggest bang for your buck with a film brochure from 3rd Coast Digital Films. Some clients have used their films for more than ten years!

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Ted Baldwin

Our customers have told us they have increased their revenue by millions of dollars.

Not ready to talk?

Answer these two simple questions.

1. Do you want to increase revenue?
2. Is a custom sales tool that could help bring in millions to the bottom line worth a small investment?

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Is it worth it to you to

- slash sales introduction time by 70 %?
- excite the imagination of your prospects?
- standardize your sales call introduction?
- always put your best foot forward?
- take your top people into every sales call?
- spend more time listening to prospects?
- get prospects ready to talk business sooner?
- rev up impact with testimonials from your customers?
- give all your sales reps the same professional look?

Call Ted. (225)413-6051

SAMPLES: STAR 2012  ||  ABC EIC 2011  ||  Regal 2011

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Ted Baldwin

3D Animation
2D Animation
HD Cinematography and Editing
Post Production

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Official producers for LCNTV, Louisiana's Superstation
An opportunity for sharp sales execs (225) 413-6051
Our entertainment division is specially geared for independent and micro-budget features. We are experts in Louisiana tax incentives for small and large budgets.

Working in association with Cinema Rektor and Urban 3d Max Films, 3rd Coast produced almost 600 visual effects for the new indy blockbuster "King Of The Strippers" - an urban action thriller. (Yes, it has real strippers in it...)

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Sample Films from Ted Baldwin

ABC EIC 2010


ABC EIC 2009

Ozone 2008

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Starviz Demo Beta


Pennies For Play

Starviz Demo HD

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