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Web TV Spot
for small business (and big, too!)
3- Page Website
Includes unlimited E-mail addresses
PLUS 30 Second Web TV Commercial shot in HDTV

Starting at $499 plus 3 year's hosting at $39 per month (includes unlimited e-mail addresses).

You can customize to any quality - even to a national network level - depending on your budget!

Look at our special site for more details!

or ask Ted for DETAILS

'No web name? No problem. We will help you find one and set it up for your business. URL is $35 extra per year - our cost. Music license for broadcast separate.)

ChartExchange had us create two web commercials for them. Click the pic to view. This is a high quality movie, and it may take a while to load.

Are you Advertising or Marketing?

By Advertising we mean using mass media (tv, radio, magazines, etc.) to reach potential customers.

By Marketing we mean giving your sales team specific tools to take your corporate message to prospects and clients one-on-one.

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In producing marketing and advertising campaigns for many types of clients, we find an overall rate of increase in productivity for the client, and a measurable increase in profit.

Runnels School is an example of a non-profit organization that has invested in both a webbrochure and a video disk brochure.As a result of the tailor-made media, they are at 100 % enrolment, even with addition of new sections of students every year.

Southern Green has been using us for almost ten years, and have grown to more than twelve million in revenues - a six-fold increase.They use video for sales and training, and have a website. They also translate into different languages for use abroad.
For more examples, look at our Web Brochures page